How to setup your Free 1 Gigabyte DownDoggy Email

DownDoggy provides you with a free 1 gigabyte email account for every domain name you purchase from us. Setting up your own email account will promote your own company name. When you have an email account with your own ".com" name, you support your brand and look more professional.

Setting up your email

  1. Step 1: Image Log in to your DownDoggy account. 
  2. Step 2: Image Click "Free Products" link 
  3. Step 3: Image Click on "Email Account List" (you have at least a credit available to use) 
  4. Step 4: Image Click "Use Credit" 
  5. Step 5: Image New page loads with domain slector, Select domain and click "Continue"
  6. Step 6: Image Click "Setup Account" under control panel (new window will open, ensure your popup blocker is disabled) 
  7. Step 7: Image Click the "Add Address" button 
  8. Step 8: Image Click "Add" button on far right in the new window. 
  9. Step 9: Image Enter your email address, choose a password, then click the "OK" button at the bottom right. 
Congratulations, you've just set up your email account with 1 Gig of storage!

Access your email account at http://email.(YourDomain).com
or access your email account here

How to cc: emails from your new email to your old email

This will allow you to copy yourself on emails, from the new DownDoggy email account you've just setup, to your old email address. For instance, use your new email address to receive emails, but your old email address to read them. Or you can simply make sure you never miss an email.
  1. Step 1: Image In your Email Control Center, click on your new email address.
  2. Step 2: Image In new window, click the "Advanced" tab and enter the email address you want copies sent to.

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